As the town of Nottingham’s population continues to grow, the space within the school does not. Nottingham School was built in 1995, at which time there were 3,210 residents, with 482 students enrolled in school. By 2019, the town’s population had grown to 5,136, with enrollment increasing to 526. During these 25 years of growth, there has been no expansion of the school to accommodate the increasing number of students. Due to the space constraints, we are no longer able to maintain three classes per grade, making class sizes larger than normal. 

Meeting the academic requirements of the students at Nottingham School has required lots of repurposing of non-traditional teaching spaces, such as locker rooms, storage closets, and custodial supply rooms, resulting in the addition of external storage sheds. Some of the changes that have occurred are: 

  • Outside Storage Sheds Added
    • Outside the gym
    • Outside the Facilities Director’s office
    • Outside Grade 1
  • The Computer Lab was repurposed into special education offices and small group learning spaces.
  • The Teachers’ Room was reduced in size in order to create two offices (SPED/Curriculum Dir).
  • All of the library office and storage spaces were converted to small group learning and office/workspaces.
  • An art room storage closet was transformed into the Title 1 office.
  • A 2nd Floor Custodial storage room had a window added and was repurposed into a SPED office and small group learning space.
  • Another 2nd floor storage closet (with a ladder to the attic) was converted into an office and small group learning space.
  • Full-Day Kindergarten began during the  2018-2019 school year, requiring an additional kindergarten classroom, due to the number of students.
  • Due to the addition of the extra kindergarten class, the teaching spaces used by reading and speech interventionists had to be doubled up.

Nottingham School has not only undergone increases in population but numerous changes in curricular programs, not only to accommodate student needs and to meet changing state standards but to enhance student learning. According to School Digger, Nottingham is rated 5 out of 128 for middle schools and 44th out of 231 for elementary schools. Nottingham school is continuously improving their existing curriculum but requires space in order to expand and incorporate new 21st-century learning experiences.

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