What does this building project entail?

This project involves renovating current spaces within the building, as well as adding additional classroom space onto the back of the building. This space is needed to accommodate enrollment growth we have seen in the past 25 years as well as the growth we anticipate due to increased population in town. Click here to learn more about the design…

 Why do we need this project?

Nottingham School needs more classrooms to accommodate its current enrollment as well as expected enrollment growth. Currently the number of students enrolled at Nottingham School requires three classrooms per grade in order to keep class sizes manageable. This can not be achieved with the amount of classrooms available. 

In addition to an insufficient number of classrooms, the Nottingham Facilities Committee has identified a number of deficiencies within the current school space that are mostly related to increased enrollment as our town population has increased and continues to grow. 

This project addresses space issues including, but not limited to, Kindergarten classrooms not meeting state standards lacking bathrooms and adequate square footage, Health and Computer teachers with no classrooms and teaching from carts, a music room of inadequate size with no storage, and various storage areas having been repurposed for teaching spaces causing a serious lack of storage space as well as small and less than ideal spaces for instruction. Click here to learn more about the current deficiencies at the Nottingham School…

What has our enrollment growth been over the last 10 years and what is our projected growth for the next 10 years?

Nottingham School was built in 1995, at which time there were 3,210 residents, with 482 students enrolled in school. By 2019, the town’s population had grown to 5,136, with enrollment increasing to 526. During these 25 years of growth, there has been no expansion of the school to accommodate the increasing number of students. 

New England School Development Council projects Student K-8 student enrollment to be 548 by the 2029/2030 School year. 

The need for more space at this time is to both reclaim areas lost to accommodate the growth we’ve seen over the past 25 years as well as to accommodate the growth we anticipate.

When will construction start/be complete?

If the project receives approval at the March 2021 Town Meeting, funding will be available for work to begin as early as July 2021. We would like to use the first summer to focus on sitework in the back of the school to prepare for the new Kindergarten classrooms. The addition will be built during the school year and the bulk of the interior renovations will happen during the second summer (2022) in preparation for project completion in the Fall of 2022.

What safety measures will be in place during construction? Will the children be in the building when construction is happening?

Safety will be the highest priority for this project. All workers will undergo background screenings and will receive project-specific safety training. The construction manager will be onsite at all times supervising construction activity. The addition will be built while the school is occupied during the ‘21/’22 school year. During this time, construction crews will be working on the addition and construction fencing be used to keep students and workers separated on the site. Interior renovations will occur during the second summer or when students are not in school.

Have you considered modular classrooms instead of a classroom addition?

Modular classrooms are temporary fixes. They are not built to last. Modulars also require all of the same building code requirements that a permanent structure would have including foundations, fire alarm devices connected to the school fire alarm panel, new electrical, handicap accessibility, and bathrooms for kindergarten students.

We spoke with another school that recently installed a modular classroom to understand the cost range. This NH elementary school installed a double-wide modular classroom about 3 years ago. The classroom was directly connected to the school which simplified setup, handicap access, and did not require plumbing to a bathroom as ours would. The total cost of sitework, construction and installation of one classroom was $94,555. And the annual lease of the unit was $24,732. 

Our plans call for the construction of six new classroom spaces: three new kindergarten classrooms, one preschool classroom, one world language/enrichment classroom, and a music room. Click here to learn more about the costs of the proposed Nottingham School Project…

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