The following information reflects the revised design and cost information that is being proposed for the 2022 bond.

The proposed design includes a single-story addition to the back of the existing school, shown in orange in the site plan below. The revised design avoids the need to relocate the existing loop road at the back of the school. Improvements to the sewer system are also included in the proposed project.

The floorplan below shows the proposed areas for additions, renovations, and spaces that will be repurposed to address the current deficiencies.

Click the image to expand or zoom.

The proposed design includes:

A single-story addition located in the back of the school

  • 3 kindergarten classrooms and a pre-k classroom, sized to meet state standards and create a dedicated area for our youngest students.
  • The rear addition allows all kindergarten classrooms to be combined into one area with a dedicated arrival/drop-off area in the back.
  • A new music room is also part of the addition to accommodate needed space for instruction and instrument storage and create noise buffers between rooms.
  • The new music room will allow the former space to be repurposed into a dedicated Health classroom. The Health program is currently taught off of a cart.
  • A new World Language and/or enrichment classroom is also included in the addition
  • Renovations to an existing second floor classroom will update a middle school science lab.
  • This addition also frees up existing space that is currently being used for kindergarten classrooms to be repurposed for elementary school uses such as a STEM lab/computer lab, reclaiming an elementary classroom, and accommodating a centralized special education department.

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