Current Deficiencies

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Below is a floor plan of the school highlighting areas of deficiency.

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The deficiencies in Nottingham School are centered around the need for additional space.  Currently the number of students enrolled requires three classrooms per grade, which cannot be met with the size and amount of our current classrooms. Since the school was built in 1995 the programming used to educate students has adapted to meet the needs of a new generation of students, which has also grown larger. Rooms that were originally designed as office or storage spaces are now being used to educate students. With the loss of storage space the school has been creative over the years to find solutions, from outside storage sheds, to taking over the locker rooms for chairs and equipment. 

The need for additional space is not only about adding additional classroom space, but taking back areas of the school that were lost over the years. Part of the new building plan addresses community and student requests to add new programming such as world language and enrichment classes in the design. This design also allows the school the option to bring our preschool program into our building instead of paying to send our students to another town. Below are pictures to highlight areas around the school that need to be addressed so students can get back to learning in classrooms and out of closets and hallways. 

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